Pandemic fashion priorities

I haven’t seen much space between what menswear looked like before the pandemic and sweatpants. The pandemic has changed absolutely everything, and I’ve been watching how we have collectively changed the way we think about men’s fashion. In the spring I saw lots of folks talk about uber-casual wear while sharing how difficult this moment has been (Tim DessaintHe Spoke Style). I appreciated their vulnerability, particularly in a masculine culture that creates little space for men to share pains and struggles. However, in recent months their feeds returned to their usual programming with a focus on suits and streetwear. 

I’m working from home full-time while parenting my 5-year-old kiddo who remote kindergartens every day. I’m cooking most days and playing hard with my kiddo over our lunch break every day. Nine months into this, I can’t keep doing sweatpants every day. A suit isn’t practical and streetwear has never been my vibe.

I’ve ended up with a pretty standard everyday uniform that looks good enough on zoom calls, allows me the movement I need to wrestle with my kiddo every day, and gets my headspace into work mode during my workday. 

My daily work-from-home uniform during the pandemic: the Classic French Terry Crew sweatshirt and Performance Chinos from Everlane.

I’m a person who enjoys putting attention to how I present myself. The way I look is an extension of myself, and how I communicate who I am to others. It’s been difficult to fall back to sweatpants every day during this pandemic, so I’m happy to have found a nice place in between.